Sports/Action, Landscape, Nature/Wildlife photography based in Ardrishaig, Argyll.

I work as an HGV driver in the timber haulage industry in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland.  This can at times, present some wonderful photographic opportunities.  As a result of where my job takes me, I have access to some wonderful areas of Scotland that you wouldn't normally get on a regular photographer's web site.


Outwith work, I am often found crewing or helping at Scottish Endurance Riding Club events and this provides me with a captive audience of horse mad people who always seem delighted to see pictures of themselves and their "best friend" out enjoying our fantastic countryside.


Now the legal bit - all content on this site (unless otherwise stated) is copyright © KDM Photography, any unauthorised use would be a very bad thing (for the user) potentially resulting in all sorts of nastiness coming your way, BUT, if you ask (nicely is usually best) I may grant usage rights to certain images for nothing more than a credit. Commercial use may have the same fee (ie none) but, at the same time, a couple of quid towards new kit never goes amiss :)